If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you might be wondering what I’m doing talking about WordPress at this point. But you also have to take into account the new readers who come with the desire to know how to create a blog or start an online business but who don’t know what WordPress is or confuse it with wordpress.com so this article cannot be missing from the blog.

To know what WordPress is and how it works you must first differentiate between wordpress.com and WordPress the CMS.

Both are closely related to the creation of websites and blogs but with such obvious differences that make the WordPress CMS is the best option for creating a professional blog or any kind of website.

Is WordPress easy to learn?
Very easy and fast! Unlike other development languages, WordPress does not require you to know any programming or code.

If you know how to send emails in Gmail, upload photos to Facebook or use Excel, you can learn WordPress quickly and easily.

The first step is deciding what kind of project or site you want to create, then you need two essential components:

A hosting account
After that, you install WordPress on your domain and that’s it, you can start testing the tool.

A theme is a ready-made design template to change the look of your WordPress to suit your needs. It’s like changing the look of your site; it still maintains all the content (pages, posts, images, etc) but organizes it and shows it in a different way.

And here you also have templates for boredom, of all types and for almost all designs that you can think of:

  • for blogs (personal, professional, travel, recipes…).
  • for corporate websites or companies.
  • for digital magazines.
  • for online stores.
  • for course and elearning platforms.